Monthly Archives: December 2012

South 101 – Cheat Sheet

South can do extraordinary things, but used at a very basic level lets you change your models and update the database fields, essentially you will use 2 commands, the first only the first time:

python schemamigration myapp --initialto create the first schema, the you can apply it (and create the database tables):

python migrate myapp

After the first time, if something changes in your models you have to run

python schemamigration myapp --auto

and once again apply it (in order to update your db tables)

python migrate myapp

That’s all.



The Almende Timeline is the best JavaScript timeline that supports adding events.

There’s some weirdness though. Using the documentation above, the box align option doesn’t work. The scale option doesn’t work, so I had to use the setScale method.

But it is by far the best JavaScript timeline I’ve seen. It’s easier to setup than the SIMILE timeline, and it’s open source unlike Timeglider.