Monthly Archives: November 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Review (it’s absolutely terrible)

  1. There’s no easy way to show the Desktop.
    - There is no Show Desktop button to click, and <Windows button> + D doesn’t work.
  2. The Unity Bar is dumb.
    - Ubuntu should call it either a Task Bar or Dock. You didn’t improve on either Windows’ or Apple’s implementation, so I refuse to acknowledge your different name.
    - can’t resize it
    - can’t move it to the bottom, or to the side. It is stuck on the left side.///
    - it can’t be set to always show. It always auto hides.
    - the physical behavior of it as the number of icons in the dock increases feels very clunky and unintuitive. The physical feel of Apple’s dock just feels good.
    - you can’t even drag and drop the program icons in the Unity Bar to sort their order.
  3. The bar with title of currently selected program / system icons / system clock / user name, is always at the top
    - in current browsers, the tabs are directly at the top of the program. if the edge of the screen borders the top of the browser’s tabs, it’s less work to accurately select a tab.
  4. When doing Alt + Tab, you cannot select a program with the mouse.
    - This is really inconvenient if you have a lot of programs open and clicking the program you want to choose is faster than Alt + Tabbing through each program.
  5. Firefox – you can’t rearrange the tabs
  6. Google Chrome – Checking the option to “when opening browser, open with tabs from previous session” does not work.